Arrest of the Year!

It’s only the second week of the year, but already we have a competitor for the arrest of the year.  Highlights include:

Deputies asked where Henderson was going, and he reportedly said, “I got the serious munchies, and I was driving to Micky D’s for a little snack.”

When they asked if he was alone in the car, he allegedly said, “No, I had a group of midgets with me who ran away when you got here. Yeah, I was (expletive) alone, dude. Do you see anyone else?”


“Dude, I don’t blow into long tube-shaped things. You have at it if you like blowing.”

Midgets, munchies, and blow job jokes all on a mere 0.23?  Give that dude some Jager and lets see what comes out of his mouth!  Full report available at The Niagara Gazette.

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