Hot Girls on American Idol

I’ve never seen an episode of American Idol, but lets face it – it is impossible to avoid hearing about that shitty show.  the only good thing about that show is when there is a hot girl on or Paula Abdul gets drunk.  See, I’m already bored, but here are the pics of the latest hotties: Katrina Darrell and Casey Carlson.

katrina-darrell-3 casey-10

Hey wait, their websites are identical!  This must be some kinda of FOX conspiracy cooked up by Rupert Murdoch to conquer the world!  Ah hell.  Why does anyone even care about this crap?  I’m going to delete this post and then go cry in my beer.

Update: Apparently Casey Carlson’s website has exceeded its bandwidth, so I guess some people do care.  I’m sure its all because of my post!

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