Let The Games Begin!

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It is only every four years that the event with the hotness of the Olympics rolls around.


Brazil’s womens futbol team:


And Brazilian volleyball:

Volleyball in general:

And of course, Go USA!


Stay tuned for total coverage!


Natalia Velez is Super Sexy

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Wait, is she wearing clothes? I didn’t notice.


Natalia Velez Super Sexy Photoshoot in SOHO Magazine July 2012 | 7 | Egotastic!.

Camille Rowe is French and Spectacular.

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I don’t often post French girls, but Camille Rowe is amazing. I have to say I can just imagine here whispering in that sweet french accent…And yes that is a nipple piercing, Mon Dieu!

Kate Upton Dancing the Cat Daddy

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Kate Upton Dancing and it will blow your mind!

The Best Job In The World!

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Egotastic! The Sexy Side Of Celebrity Gossip.

The Best Job In The World!

The Best Job In The World!


How do you get that ass?

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Other than being born with it? Well Rebeca Rubio shows us some ass specific exercises here.

Rebeca Rubio Workout Photos | Rebeca Rubio Ass Photos | Flisted.

The Greatest Picture Ever!

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