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We Have a Winner!

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Due to London’s generally dreary climate we have had to suffer through an unusually dower beach volleyball tournament.  There have certainly been moments of sunshine and cheer, but how dare even the Brazilians to where leggings during their semifinal match versus the US. But never fear, your faithful research is here and looked long and hard to find the very best. And yes, we have a winner! The gold medal for biggest and best ass goes to: Spainiard Liliana Fernandez! Behold:

Liliana Fernandez Steiner Fine Beach Volleyball Butt Shots      Liliana Fernandez Steiner Fine Beach Volleyball Butt Shots

Liliana Fernandez Steiner Fine Beach Volleyball Butt Shots

I know, it’s crazy that the winner is not a South American, but then again, we know where they get their  dna from. Liliana Fernandez Steiner Fine Beach Volleyball Butt Shots.


Some of the Best of the Olympics:

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 Alex Morgan, Soccer, USA


Kaylyn Kyle, Soccer, Canada


Laryn Franco, Javelin, Uruaguay

Jessica Ennis, Heptathlon, United Kingdom

Here’s a warm up!

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As the games get ready to begin here is a couple of girls that won’t be competing for a medal, but still deserve gold. Beach Volleyball Dancers!

Natalia Velez is Super Sexy

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Wait, is she wearing clothes? I didn’t notice.


Natalia Velez Super Sexy Photoshoot in SOHO Magazine July 2012 | 7 | Egotastic!.

Camille Rowe is French and Spectacular.

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I don’t often post French girls, but Camille Rowe is amazing. I have to say I can just imagine here whispering in that sweet french accent…And yes that is a nipple piercing, Mon Dieu!

How do you get that ass?

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Other than being born with it? Well Rebeca Rubio shows us some ass specific exercises here.

Rebeca Rubio Workout Photos | Rebeca Rubio Ass Photos | Flisted.

The Greatest Picture Ever!

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