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Natalia Velez is Super Sexy

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Wait, is she wearing clothes? I didn’t notice.


Natalia Velez Super Sexy Photoshoot in SOHO Magazine July 2012 | 7 | Egotastic!.

A Little More Marisa Miller

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More Marisa Miller from


I feel like giving to Charity.

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This Charity:


Thank You God

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Marisa Miller is back at the beach.  God, if you can just make Marisa go to the beach every day, I promise not to kill any more strippers.  Keep the streak alive!


Update: Ok, that post was a bit lazy.  This could quite possibly be the greatest picture ever taken.  I would rather sit and look at this picture than talk with Jesus.  I would rather look at this picture than learn the secrets to the universe…Ahhh, did you see what just happened?  I just figured it out!

Marisa Miller-a-thon!

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Not only has Barak Obama been inaugurated as the 44rd President, but Marisa Miller is vacationing in St. Bart’s.  This is truly a time for hope!  God bless Barak Obama, God bless America, and God bless Marisa Miller!

Tie a yellow ribbon:


I’ve never liked the strapless bikini, they seem to smash the boobs!  Set them free!


And the hottest set yet:


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